Amigurumi Horse Dormidont Free Crochet Pattern

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•Mr: Magic ring,

• sc: single crochet,

•İnc: increase,

•DEC  decrease,

• x: repeat.

•BLO: Back Loop only,

•FLO: Front Loop only,

•DC: Double crochet.

Horse in a coat Dormidont (for his Dodiks)Author’s toy Lada = Berta

DESCRIPTION of knitting

The height of the toy is 35cm.

Yarn-CRISTAL (490×2 in 100gr), horse color 50gr, white color-15gr, NAKOLEN

INCE (350m in 100g) for panties and coats 30-40g.

Hook number 2, needles number 2

Wire frame



Horse-colored thread

1p-6sc in the ring


3p- (1sc, inc) x6raz-18

4p- (2sc, inc) x6raz-24

5p- ( x6raz-30

6p- (4sc, inc) x6raz-36

7p- ( x6raz-42

8p- (6sc, inc) x6raz-48

9p- (7sc, inc) x6raz-54

10р- (17sc, inc) х3raza-57

11р- (18sc, inc) х3raza-60

12p-23p — 60sc

24p- (1sc, dec) x9raz, 33sc-51

25p- (dec, 2sc) x4 times, dec, (5sc, dec) 4 times, 5sc-42

26r-34r — 42sc

35p-2 offset loops, 42sc

36p-3sc, inc, 11sc, inc, (3sc, inc) x2raza, 6sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 3sc, inc— 49

37р-1sc, inc, 16sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 15sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2sc — 55

38r-47r — 55sc

48p-12sc, dec, 41sc-54

49r-50r — 54sc

51р- (7sc, dec) х6р-48

52p- (6sc, dec) x6raz-42

53p- (5sc, dec) x6raz-36

54p- (4scDec) x6raz-30, filled with filler

55p- (3sc, dec) x6raz — 24

56p- (2sc, dec) x6raz — 18

57р- (1sc, dec) х6raz-12, add padding

58p-decx6 times-6, pull off



Horse-colored thread

1p-6sc in the ring


3p- (1sc, inc) x6raz-18

4p- (2sc, inc) x6raz-24

5p- ( x6raz-30

6p- (4sc, inc) x6raz-36

7p- ( x6raz-42

8p- (6sc, inc) x6raz-48

9p- (7sc, inc) x6raz-54

10р- (17sc, inc) х3raza-57

11р- (18sc, inc) х3raza-60

12p-24p — 60sc

25р- (dec, 2sc) х7 times, dec, 30sc-52

26p-7sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 37sc-50

27r-28r — 50sc

We go to the white color-bottom of the shirt (you can tie the whole body with one

color, and tie the shirt separately or sew)

29p-32p — 50sc

33p-28sc, dec, 11sc, dec, 7sc-48

34p-49r — 48sc

50p- (6sc, dec) x6raz — 42

51p- (5sc, dec) x6raz-36

52p- (4scDec) x6raz-30

53p- (3sc, dec) x6raz — 24

Change the thread to the color of the horse

54p-24sc for the back wall

55p- (6sc, dec) x3 times – 21


57p- (5sc, dec) x3 times – 18

58r-61r — 18sc

62p-16sc, 1sl-st

Insert wire, fill with filler. It is convenient to do after knitting the legs, it is easier

determine the length of the wire.

The wire should be equal to: torso length + head length + leg length.

I use 2.5mm double aluminum wire, it is cut to the length of the legs

for two, you can single, then you need two lengths.

Wire inserted through the neck hole, cut ends

protrude from the carcass where the hind legs will be. Photo.

On my horse’s chest is embroidered “D” -Dormidont because. You can

embroider anything or not embroider at all.



Front (2pcs)

Hoof brown yarn (or other color matching the color

horse, but darker)

1p-6sc in the ring


3p- (1sc, inc) x6raz-18

4p- (2sc, inc) x6raz-24

5p-24sc behind the back wall


9p- (6sc, dec) x3 times – 21

10p- (5sc, dec) x3 times-18, change the thread to the color of the horse

11p-18sc for the back wall


13р- (4sc, dec) 3 times-15

14p-35p-15sc, change the color to white (sleeve T-shirt-T-shirt)

If the jersey is a separate piece, we don’t change the color

36r-40r — 15sc

41p-15sc, 1sl-st, finish, leave thread for sewing

Rear (2 children)

Hoof brown yarn (or other color matching the color

horse, but darker)

1p-6sc in the ring


3p- (1sc, inc) x6raz-18

4р- (2sc, inc, 1sc, inc) х3 times, 2sc, inc-25

5p-25sc behind the back wall


9p- (3sc, dec) x5raz — 20

We insert something flat inside (for the stability of the legs so that the horse can stand) – the diameter of the circle = the diameter of the 4th row. This can be

cardboard / plastic mug and a regular plastic lid

bottles of the right size (I have a cap)

10p-20sc, change the color to the color of the horse

11p-20sc for the back wall


13p- (3sc, dec) x4 times – 16

14p-24p — 16sc

25p-9sc, incх6 times, 1sc-22

26p-1sc, 7sl-st, 14sc — 22

27p-also-1sc, 7sl-st, 14sc-22


29p-10sc, decx6 times-16


31р-1sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 6sc-18


33р-2sc, inc, (4sc, inc) х2 times, 2sc, dec, 1sc-20

34p-43p — 20sc, finish 1sl-st, leave thread for sewing.

Stuff the legs with filler, the hind hooves can be inserted


weighting agent.

ada berta

We put our hind legs on the wires sticking out of the priests, we look that the legs

were knees in front and slightly to the sides (if the horse is sitting, it has

value). Sew on.

For the front legs (or arms), we pierce a single wire of the required length

through the body at shoulder level, put on legs (arms) on it, sew.




NAKOLEN INCE yarn of any color

Needles number 2. We collect 56 p +2 extreme.

You may have a different number of loops, it depends on the thickness

of the selected thread Pant circumference = thigh circumference plus 4-5 stitches.

knitted on 2 knitting needles, seam in front.

We knit a couple of rows with an elastic band with an even cloth, then 6-7 cm of hosiery

viscous (it is possible with a pattern). Desirable behind (i.e. left-ch to the right from the middle

knitted fabric) to make a couple of unfinished rows – due to this

the back of the pants will be longer (8-9cm) and fit better on the butt.

cloth of the desired length, we knit further 2 trousers (28 loops each

each) either from 2 balls, or one then the other.

three to four rows of garter stitch. (do not wrap

will be) .Sew the seam on the belly and the seams of the legs. If necessary, insert into

belt of cords.


Knitting needles number 2, English elastic band on 16 loops, the length of the scarf on your



NAKOLEN INCE yarn of any color

The coat can be of any cut and pattern.

My coat is tied with raglan from the neckline.

Boucle pattern.

1p- * 1l, 1 from * -to the end of the row, 1l

3p- * 1 from, 1l * -to the end of the row, 1 from

Even rows – how the loops look

We knit the bar with garter stitch, do not forget to make button loops.

Knitting needles # 2. We collect 35 loops. (33 loops + 2 extreme). Next

extreme (edge) loops are not recorded, but it is assumed that they are.

1p-elastic band 1×1 or garter stitch

It should look like this:

1 edge-4loops (bar) -3loops (shelf) -1p (raglan line) –

4loops (sleeve) -1loop (raglan line) -7loop (back) -1p (raglan line) –

4loops (sleeve) – 1p (raglan line) – 3loops (shelf) -4loops (strap) -1


We mark the loops of the raglan line with threads (so that at the beginning of knitting they do not


2p-how the loops look

3p-4l (bar), 3l (shelf), yarn, 1l (line

raglan), yarn, 4l (sleeve), yarn, 1l (line

raglan), yarn, 7l (back), yarn, 1l (raglan line), yarn, 3l (sleeve) = – turn


Knit crochets along the raglan line in the wrong (even) rows on the wrong side

so that there are no holes.

(we are knitting unfinished rows to make the coat fit better)

4p-yarn, 19p-turn (knit yarn with purl)

5p-yarn, 4l, naakid, 1l, yarn, 9l, yarn, 1l, yarn, 5l = (4l + yarn we knit together

with the next loop), yarn, 1l, yarn, 1l-turn

6p-yarn, 3 of, turn

7p-in this row we go to the drawing “boucle” –

yarn, 2l, yarn, 1l, yarn, 11loops (i.e. l, from, l, from and

etc.), yarn, 1l, yarn, 7p, yarn, 1l, yarn, 4p, 4l (plank)

8p-4l (plank), 4 out, 3 out, 7 (how the loops look), 3 out, 11 (how they look

loops), 3 out, 7 (how the loops look), 3 out, 4 out, 4 y (plank)

9p-and the next rows – drawing “boucle” – (except for the strap, which we knit

garter stitch.

9p-2l, 1p close, 1l (loop fastener for

puovitsy), 5loop, yarn, 1l, yarn, 9loop, yarn, 1l, yarn, 13loop, yarn, 1l,

yarn, 9loop, yarn, 1l, yarn, 5 loops, 4l

10p-4L, inc, 54loops (how the loops look, inc, 1L, yarn, 2L

We continue to knit raglan, making yarns along the raglan lines and knitting them

seamy side in even rows. Do not forget to make holes-loops in the bar for


We knit to the desired length of the raglan line (I have 6cm)

We remove the shelves and backrest on the auxiliary knitting needle, on our main

sleeves remained.

We knit sleeves with straight fabrics to the desired length (I always knit from 2

balls) with a boucle pattern, end with several rows of a scarf

Knitting Closes the loops, sews the sleeves.

We transfer the shelves and back to the main knitting needles and knit with one straight

canvas (can be slightly flared) to the desired length with a boucle pattern (not

forget the loops for the fastener), end with several rows of a scarf

Knitting. Close the loops. Sew on the buttons.

I got it: sleeves of 25 loops, shelves + back

55loop + 4×2 (strips).

The coat can be knitted with any pattern, both knitting and

crochet Raglan lines can also be knitted in different ways: several

loops (both front and back), the line looks very interesting

raglan pigtail.

You can simply knit with rectangles: back-shelves-sleeves and

sew.This option, if raglan does not work



We put our hind legs on the wires sticking out of the priests, we look that the legs

were knees in front and slightly to the sides (if the horse is sitting, it has

value). Sew on.

For lane 3p-9sc

4р- (2sc, inc) х3 times – 12


6p- (1sc, inc) x6raz — 18


8р- (5sc, inc) х3 times – 21

9p-10p — 21sc

11p- (5sc, dec) x3 times – 18


Fold in half, knit 8sc, 1sl-st, do not fill, leave the thread for


Eyes (2det) -white

1p-6sc in the ring


3p-3sc, incx3x, 3sc, incx3x – 18

4р-3sc, (inc, 1sc) х3 times, 3sc, (inc, 1sc) х3 times – 24

5p-24sc in the color of the horse; leave the thread for sewing

We sew eyes to the head (putting quite a bit of filler) and

ears, eyes are slightly pulled to the back of the head, we embroider the pupil with black thread


stick the needle in the back of the head, stick it in the eye, stick it through 1-2sc, stick it out

into the back of the head at the same point where the needle was inserted, slightly tighten, tie

threads, hide. The second eye is similar.


My horse has tightening nostrils at the level of 9-12-9 rows in a semicircle, lips-9-10

rows above and below the initial amigurumi ring.

At the place where the nostril should be with our fingers, we form a fold in the form

crescent and sew it with horse-colored thread.

The second option is similar to eye tightening, i.e. = nape-nostril-nape =


We form a fold and stitch it, if you leave a little in the fold

filler sponges will be plump.

Lips can be tied (ch chains in 2 threads for volume) and sewn

Tighten the back of the nose at will, just stitch right through to the left

right and back, slightly tightening

Try to mark the nostrils-lips with pins first, do not pull right away

“Tightly” – suddenly you will not like it.

A suitable option has been found, now we slightly pull it along the back of the nose.

We embroider “teeth” between the lips with a white thread, with a black (dark gray) thread

embroider-separate teeth.

If desired, nostrils and lips can be tied and sewn on

Look closely at the pictures and tighten them. Each horse has

will have its own special facial expression.

My mane and tail are from TANGO, any fluffy threads will do.

Now we are dressing our horse.

WHO ARE YOU? —HORSE IN COAT !! Easy loops for everyone.

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